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How to Share PC (desktop) internet connection to use in mobile phone , PDA or laptop

I see a lot of forum posts asking how to share the internet connection at home computer to use on mobile phone.

 Using Computers Internet ( HTC Hero )

How to share my computer network with phone via USB only? ( HTC Hero )

some people call this reverse tethering 

I hope this is a good solution .......

Windy31 USB Wireless Router

The Windy31 USB Wireless Router is a must-have for travelers who need to share their Internet access with different Wi-Fi devices.

Gadget Guy: Windy31 USB Router

Ever been on a business trip where there was just one Internet connection and more than one laptop? Or maybe you paid for Internet in an airport and wished you could share that connection with a friend?

works with any phone with a WIFI. HTC hero tattoo iphone nexus one droid android qlic blackberry 9000 8520 8320 nokia motorola etc....

CitySoftware Carsin Universal Solar Charger

Enables you to charge your Mobile Phone, iPod or USB Chargeable device, via Solar Power.
- Compatible with most Mobile Handsets such as:
LG, Nokia N-Series, Samsung, Motorola (Except V6), Sony Ericsson, iPhone.
- Also works with USB Chargeable Devices such as:
- MP3/MP4 Players, iPod (except Nano, Digital Cameras & GPS Units.

Solar Power Charger - - Aside from communicating with the opposite sex, what is a Geek's greatest fear? I'd have to say it would be the fear of losing power! We are always worried about our batteries dying just when we need them most! Due to this, I spent a bit of my own money to buy a Solio Universal Solar Hybrid Charger. That's right... it can charge from the Sun!! It also has a proprietary cable (ARGH!) that you can use, as well, in case you happen to live where the Sun never shines.

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