Baby explaining her mother

Piano Reality - Jam with yourself!

Flash Augmented Reality with Actionscript 3

Augmented Reality: Interactive apache helicopter controlled by keyboard

iPhone 5 Features [2 of 4] - Laser Keyboard

iPhone 5 Concept Features

Apple Wants Its Lost iPhone 5 - Conan on TBS

Superman, Batman and the Avengers 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Official HD Trailer Premier

Titan the Robot 2009 South of England Show


Transformer Mexicano

NES Zapper - The Way Games Work

Worst 2D To 3D Games



You’ve probably already improved the lives of your friends and family members by helping them switch to Gmail, but what about that one friend who still hasn’t made the switch? It’s time to take a stand and stage an intervention.
Don't worry. We'll help you out.


Help your friends make the switch to Gmail

Introducing Google TV

How Search Works

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

Jesse Eisenberg on Late Show with David Letterman

David Letterman - Jesse Eisenberg on Facebook

60 Minutes Facebook Story

Mark zuckerberg stops by to have a chat with Jesse and Andy about their impressions of him

Zuckerberg Meets Eisenberg

Mark Zuckerberg Strips onStage

Steve Jobs 1984 to 2011

Bill Gates on Apple and the iPad

Official Unboxing iPhone 5

Black rapid (RS dr-1) review

Part 1: first 5 minutes (impressions)

Part 2: Wedding clothes, Lens change and out and about

Steve Jobs Steps Down As Apple CEO

Old Computer Ads

System Industries: 80 MB for under $12,000 (1977)

HoneyWell: What the Heck is Electronic Mail? (1981)

Cromemco: The New 16K RAM card (1977)

Technico Inc TMS9900: Two bytes are better than one (1978)

Penril: We call it a Penril Modem (1971)

RadioShack: Issac Asimov featuring a color computer (1982)

Digi-Log: Briefcase Portability (1976)

LBMS:Cut through paper-based Case Methods (1991)

Microsoft: Introducing Microsoft Excel (1987)

Radio Shack: Designing a revolutionary concept (1985)

E FM Prank Call - Transformers

What's the Best Web Host - and the Worst?

What You Should Know Before Buying Web Hosting

Yeah the last one is the most important, I had the same experience today. I will be putting the full story here... stay tuned. I have the screenshots of the customer service they gave me. Ill show them to you guys as soon as I get a new hosting service from a new hosting company.

LG Optimus X2 Dual Core Tegra 2 Super Phone Demo at CES 2011

Lava A10 - Official Commercial

Lava A10 - Official Commercial

Lava A10 - Official Commercial

Latest from Nursery School:

Latest from Nursery School:

A:   APPLE  cid:A39C5EF7-FB4E-46F1-8DCB-6BF02C24627E 

B:   BLUETOOTH  cid:4A6B0615-EC2F-45D8-9367-C04F74C263CC

C:   CHAT  cid:9E578898-4E18-4BF6-A5C4-FAADFA51291C

D:  DOWNLOAD    cid:233CA544-2AB9-4872-9600-72788275BD98

E:  E  MAIL  cid:862DDF01-3666-4470-81C3-8D91F6247AC3

F:   FACEBOOK  cid:63682236-DDF7-43EF-A507-4A0284A51389

G:   GOOGLE    cid:07606D13-7EBC-4014-AC6D-ED5EA536466A

H:  HEWLETT  PACKARD   cid:9A84EB2E-CBA0-49B2-9DA4-F873DC5F802A

I:      iPHONE  cid:F5E215F6-5029-4EA6-A96D-C2BCDDE37A49

J:   JAVA  cid:BBA830BE-DE69-448F-A133-EEA9C4D0A5E1

K:   KINGSTON   cid:5C11BC3E-F50C-402A-9373-27376B6CD0CA

L:    LAPTOP   cid:32AC40A3-A373-479F-9E9D-1E7FF2B0F685

M:   MESSENGER   cid:9DDA8CB1-AF8B-4A89-8969-CAA3DD94DEEA

N:   NERO   cid:DD1D423D-45C3-4A1A-AE35-8ACC7CF56F54

O:   ORKUT   cid:4FBC27C0-0CB9-4AB0-994E-C16861CD1AAC

P:   PICASSA   cid:88956682-D341-4137-8843-17DF1F6286AA

Q:  QUICK  HEAL   cid:20325FA3-B14E-466E-B4FD-C27FF282F866 

R:   RAM   cid:02009A49-B63E-44C2-9030-26C89A6DCA9E

S:   SERVER   cid:02231280-5684-471E-BB00-9F155C040715

T:   TWITTER   cid:AC98C17E-0584-41C0-90BE-36A5B94B0E6A

U:   USB   cid:8E56590B-144A-4829-8254-695D9FD99927

V:   VISTA   cid:0EDD89A8-7B01-43C8-8FA9-290BA4E01727

W:   WiFi   cid:BAB8313E-344D-468F-8DC8-2E0E6ED5ED06

X:    Xp   cid:88EF0386-793C-42DC-B696-DA13EE672F42

Y:  YOU  TUBE   cid:A8304708-E21E-4F3E-B885-B7CBAAA2A7C4

Z:   ZORPIA   cid:94C43D96-73F4-4203-9B13-AF4D7E49FA71

Thank goodness..... A is still for Apple.....?
Its "A" for "Android" now !! 


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